• My mission is
  • to make the invisable
  • visablefor you

The meaning of life is to find your gift

The purpose of life is to give it away

Pablo Picasso
Art brings people together

The inner world of man is a masterpiece.

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Yoanna Nobel

The story begins with a little girl who is convinced that life is a fairy tale. Everything she sees, smells and feels, she translates in her own unique way. She believes that trees talk, the moon has eyes, the wind brings secret messages that you can only hear when you listen to her, the sea is a hidden paradise where fish, seahorses, whales angels, water monsters and sea gods play with each other and sometimes in war with each other. And let's not forget heaven where Mr. God lives. Mr. God often does nothing and sometimes gives unsolicited advice. That girl decided she needed something so she could share her adventures with the world. It was written in the stars that this girl had to become an artist. Soon there was a need to translate this world into images. Every day my brain is flooded with images an story’s. In my last series of works I was inspired by the inner world of man. My technique and choice of materials are dependent of the subject and the characters on my canvas. I note the amount of ideas that come in every day with quick sketches, to bring them to life later. The creation process continues to surprise me every day. I have now left the illusion that I have control over my choice of images. The world around me is the ultimate decision maker and my hand just the translator.

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my art can be divided into 3 skills


Each artwork is discussed in advance in terms of budget.

  • High Quality paper
  • oilPaint drawing
  • acrylic drawing
  • pencil drawing
  • charcoal drawing
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Each artwork is discussed in advance in terms of budget.

  • oil painting on canvas
  • acrylic painting on canvas
  • portrait on canvas
  • mixed media on canvas
  • artwork on panel
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digital art

Each artwork is discussed in advance in terms of budget.

  • photography
  • contemporary
  • portrait
  • abstract
  • printed on all media
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